The story of God of War IV takes place moments after the ending of God of War III when Kratos impales himself. As he is on the verge of death, Mnemosyne-- the Goddess of Memory-- aids him over the sea where his trail of blood shows. She then Heals his wound and wipes his memory of the past events in GOW I, II,and III. Kratos is clueless when he is suddenly transported to his home village in which he kills his family. He walks around looking at the bodies of many innocent people, destroyed buildings, and finally his family. He is enraged when he sees this as he does not remember he's the one who killed them. Mnemosyne Appears and fibs, saying it was all Athena's fault. that she was power hungry and wanted kratos to kill off the gods. Kratos starts thinking about Athena and how to kill her when Mnemosyne supplies him with her own forged weapons, the Blades of Lernean (forged from the Hydra he defeated in GOW I). She also gives him enchanced black armor (similar to Ares' old armor) which is secretly rigged to make him obey her. She sets him off on a journey to Turkey, in which she has fled to "remake" Greece as a more fortified land. He searches Greece, fights of undead soldiers and many other demons, in search of Athena when he is suddenly confronted by Nyx, Goddess of Night. As he accuses her of stopping him in his search, she insists that she is only trying to help him. She then gives him a bit of her Power, Nyx's Vortex Repine. She tells him to use it wisely as he sets off once again. He journeys into the city of Corinth where he has to solve the traps and puzzles (such as the enclosing spike wall rotation, Poseidon's Power source, etc). He enventually runs into Bia, God of Brute force, who is weilding the Seismic Hammer (Forged by Hephaestus for the Mighty Titan, Atlas). They fight and kratos kills him with his hammer and takes it with him. He then Journeys into the city of Sikyon where he meets Clonus, God of Dopplegangers. After jratos defeats him, he absorbs his magic power to clone himself to fight with him in battle. With his weapons and magic he journeys not too far when he runs into Ceryx, the Son of Hermes. Kratos kills him and takes his Oxfords (boots) as his own. After he defeats Ceryx he is stopped by Mnemosyne as he asks her where Athena is, she tells him to be patient and gives him another power; Mourn of the Phoenix (like Rage of the Titans, Olympus Blade, and Fury of the Gods). He is then sent to the Underworld once more as he solves puzzles again where he is stopped by Adrastos, son of Hades. He accuses him of killing his father out of spite and then provokes him at the fact that he does not remember what happened in the past. Stating that he is as foolish as his reason to kill his father, Adrastos attacks kratos with his Three-Sectional Scythe. Kratos kills him similar to they way he kills hades and takes his scythe. he ventures into Hyperion's Cave as he bumps into Oranos, Father of the Titans. They talk for a while as Oranos finally gets the fact that kratos killed the Olympian Gods through kratos' head and he gets enraged, accusing him of lying and they fight. Oranos nerly kills kratos with his Titan Summoning Power but his armor refuses and he climbs atop one of his titans and kills him, taking his Titan Summoning Power and also Hyperion's Warp Technique. Finally he takes a boat ride to the City of Troy which is ruined by the still-waging war. He is confronted by Achilles and they fight. Kratos beats him up a lot but is seeming to get no where when he keeps running away. he catches up to him again and he finally tells him he is indestructable and tries to run off again. at just that moment, Kratos notices his heel quivering and he swings his blade at his heel and catches im, dragging him toward kratos and guts him, and he finally finishes him off by impaling his neck with his own Pelian Spear, taking it with him. While in Troy, he searches for a more powerful modification of Jason's Fleece, built by his father, Aeson. when he gets it, he finds Athena and Impales her. Telling Him he's making a big mistake, She breaks Kratos' Armor with the last of her strength. He suddenly recalls all of the events leading to GOW 3 and he is confronted by Mnemosyne once again. She tells him she was using him to kill the remaining powerful gods and goddesses and titans. He is enraged at the fact that she used him and he tackles her and they both fall off the highest cliff in Troy. She turns into a wicked Chimera-like Beast and they fight. After Kratos kills her, a bright light shines and he wakes up in a Peaceful Version of his home town. he sees his live Daughter and Wife and runs to them. As they remmanence in a family hug, the Oracle of that town erases the ashes off Kratos and tells him to lead a better life this time.

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